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Monday, June 15, 2009

yea man.. to be happy or not to be happy?
we decided to take a risk with an option of 1-2yrs grace period.
money can make the world go round
excess money can make one's life suffer
just enough will make one think of what's really life is

and yep we will manage the situation

Me and Dear;
5:00 PM

Monday, June 8, 2009

yea its a headstart with recce of the prices, roughly we have an idea of which to choose man woohoo just that there's pros and cons to everything. i tink by this week decision gonna be out hee..

AHH workplan presentation slides need to be out.. plus present to director seh..lol

Me and Dear;
10:28 AM

Thursday, May 28, 2009



Me and Dear;
4:09 PM

Friday, May 15, 2009

yay got things to blog abt.. wahahaha today had division bonding session again whee.. its a monthly affair and consultants joined us.. when had badminton..ping pong and play pool wooh...

i can say for sure they are good at pool.. while some are good at badminton. totally rocks man. long time nvr exercise, its giving my legs a good wake up call haha overall its a nice session where work is put one side and lets have fun =)

Ha comes to monday going to be busy again lol

Me and Dear;
8:54 PM

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Okay~~~ lol its the tagline of hardogay! haa.. okay~ after 1week the nails still remain shiny after manicure woooo.. hmm been like 2 mths since i went for prawning,dang need to chill someday.lazy to go out man jialat

Now been hit by some tiny weeeny flu bug hope dnt know serious anot.

OKAY~ its like close to 2months for internship..well blended into my division well yay! and i can say my division wooo after the split OTHER BATCHES OF STUDENTS CANT GET THE SAME EXPERIENCE WAHAHAH!! =P am i evil or wat... working in this division, i can see alot of hardwork put in by our div and others into making corportisation work and lots of behind the scenes where haaa nvr get to see it again after corportisation or shld i say THERE WILL BE MORE TO COME..

Overall our div awesome once in a lifetime and its gonna be useful to me in the future

Me and Dear;
10:24 PM

Friday, May 1, 2009

ahhh wahh went out with yyyyyiiiirrruuuuuuu.... went far east and shop shop. i bought a office black shoe..while she buy leggings.. and ahhh first time went for manicure wahahaha.. well i can say.. service very good and shiok man =D

Me and Dear;
11:08 PM

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Monday gonna start internship at CAAS.. lol my internship kept changing.. well.. i accept it..save the trouble of other ppl making the decision..well i guess and i hope to see those ppl working at the airport take bus 27 hehe cos i will be taking 27 too HEHE.. everybody gonna so miss each other..and i am so gonna miss my class too and my dear.. oh man..oh boy oh boy..wat a crybaby..

AHH GUYS and GIRLS.. will miss all of u hehe.. such an emotional guy..

I Will miss u dear!!

Me and Dear;
10:21 PM


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